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The Role-Playing Game

Narnia: The Role-Playing Game
Cair Paravel
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Place: Narnia (also Archenland, The Seven Isles, Calormen and Telmar). You can find a good map of the world here, and a closeup of Narnia itself here.
Time: during Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy's reign at Cair Paravel. Pre-The Horse And His Boy, post-The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.
Characters: Major characters are NPC's. This includes anyone named in the books. Characters mentioned by Lewis but not given a name are suitable choices, as are completely original creations.

General info:
  • I did not put this on GreatestJournal because I hate when people make more characters than they can handle. I built a mirror over there, however, so we have the choice if after awhile players come to the consensus that they would like more characters.
  • You must be able to speak in English, with a minimum of typos and grammatical or punctuation errors. The odd typo is all right, but LJ has a spellcheck, and if you are the sort that needs it, then use it. I will remove people from the community whose writing is difficult to understand because of sentence fragments, lazy typing, or replacing words like "you" with the letter "u."
  • You must have a reasonable knowledge of The Chronicles of Narnia. This means having read all seven books at least once, knowing who major characters are, and something of the culture, species, attitudes, geography, and technology present.
  • This game is PG-13. The actual books have plenty of death and destruction, so a high level of violence is accepted but do not overdo it; sex has absolutely no place and will incur the wrath of Aslan ;) Slash is fine as long as you take it into character journals or a separate slash journal. Kissing and stuff is obviously all right, just do not take it any further where everyone has to read it just to keep up with the plot. Swearing is only allowed if they use the words in the books--the F-word is absolutely off-limits. You should know how people swear in Narnia, since you read the books, right?
  • Inconsistency and inconstancy pisses me off. If you have something happen, and it conflicts with something else, I expect you to invent a way for it to make sense. Otherwise we delete it and start over from before the conflict.
  • If you feel like anyone, including me, is breaking these rules, tell me about it. If I do not agree with you, you can either suck it up and keep playing, or go make your own game. Do not let it ruin your life; this is the Internet, and not to be taken all that seriously.
  • You are very much allowed to Mary-Sue in this game as long as you do it literally and honestly. Just like Lucy so long ago, you may find your way into Narnia by some secret way and have adventures there before going home (and return as many times as you like, or stay there, or whatever). I only ask that you keep your own strengths and weaknesses. You cannot magically be an excellent archer or have a different body type, etc.
  • As far as this game goes, I am God, but I am not going to RP like I am. I expect you not to RP like you are either.
When you join, please post in the community with "OOC JOIN" as the subject line, and just let us know you are here. It makes it easier for us to incorporate you into play. You can join at any time; there is no reason that new characters cannot appear. It makes things all the more interesting :) After you have made this post, feel free to start RP'ing wherever you feel comfortable.

C.S. Lewis Pte Ltd., the company holding all trademarks and copyrights, has been known to be absolutely obnoxious concerning copyright infringements. As an artist and an author, I am usually on the side of the law in such cases, but I find they take their legal rights to unholy extremes of vindictive and irrational paranoia. I see no reason why we cannot exercise our own imaginations here when we are making no money (and in fact are encouraging people to buy the books so they might join). They will probably not agree. That said, try and keep this as low-profile as possible so we can have fun without making C.S. Lewis Pte Ltd. feel threatened by our presence. Thank you.